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Studio111: Screen Acting Classes for Adults

Studio 111 was started by Sally Spencer-Harris in 2000 located at a studio in central Ponsonby for 10 years, then Eden Terrace for 3 years.

 Set up as a casting and Training venue, the courses here focus on how to become a screen actor( or a better Screen Actor ) in New Zealand.

There are many styles of acting training, various forms of ‘method’. What all these techniques have in common is that they need to translate to the screen. The actor is a communication machine and must be aware of how their performance is coming across.

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Sally Spencer-Harris

Sally's Bio

After training at Mountview Theatre School in London Sally got her first season with “The Pitlochry Festival Theatre” for 6 months north of Inverness. She did her apprentiship in London Theatre, including playing the lead in a west End venue for 3 months.

In her early 20’s Sally got her first roles with the BBC, starting off with “Campion” with Peter Davison and David Haig. It was here that Sally realized that after 5 years of training to act, she hadn’t learnt anything about ‘Acting for screen’ so she made an inner pledge to teach what she was learning one day.

T.V and film went on to “Flip” BBC, 3 years in “The Biz”, fill this time Sally was teaching also, Theatre and film. Before starting her first studio in Ponsonby, Sally came to New Zealand and did ‘Vertical Limit’, Zena and Cloud 9’s “ The plays the thing. Along with many commercials in both countries. Then she concentrated on Studio 111 Casting and Acting training studio for 10 years.

The Studio 111 method

Emotional truth lies at the core of Studio111 and its method of acting.

We "act" best when we don't act but perform a script from our core truth.

Most people wear masks in their day to day life and never say what they really think and feel; this is death knell for the actor.
At studio111 we teach you to unleash your true feelings and let rip with your creativity, and help you conquer any fears or blocks which may be inhibiting your natural shine.


Takapuna, Auckland.


Studio111 is an acting school run by Sally Spencer-Harris. Please contact her for more information.

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