Resources for Actors

Welcome to Resources for Actors. Below are links to posts and pages with helpful information on becoming an actor in New Zealand, information on what to expect in an acting class and tips on honing your acting craft.

Video Acting Tips

Screen Acting Tips

Sally Spencer-Harris gives you 5 free tips out of her nearly 100 tips.

Short Article on "What is Method Acting."

Click on the button below to be taken to an article on " What is Method Acting," and learn why it is important for an acting to understand it.

Short Article on "Pros and Cons of Method Acting."

Studio 111 method Acting

Learn what to expect and to watch out for when learning and using Method Acting to improve your performances.

Steps for  "How to become an Actor in New Zealand."

How many of these key steps do you know and how many do you still need to do?

Acting is more than just Acting

So you learned how to embody a character - now what about everything else?

Ten Steps to get into Character.

Use these ten useful steps to bring your character to life in front of other people.