Acting Tips

Below are 5 examples of acting tips every budding acting needs to learn and take to heart. Scroll down to the link below them to see the full set of nearly 100 acting tips.

Acting Tip - Your Photo

The importance of your photo and head shot is looked at.

Your head shot reflects the best of you. Casting agents need a clear, well focused head shot from which to ascertain if you have the right look they are searching for.

Shots from your cell phone with a messy kitchen in the background or lots of people are not reccommended.

You need a professional head shot.

Acting Tip - Deflection

Most people deflect in their daily lifes when conversing with others ie they fiddle with objects, twiddle their thumbs, look away, blink a lot , squirm, over stirr their coffee and so one.

A deflection is an action an actor decides upon in a scene that reflects how much they are hiding from the truth of their scence.

An example of this is a character who under pressure from another character suddenly get busy doing the dishes so they can pretend they are distracted.

Acting Tip - The Actor's Voice

Voice, voice, voice and I say again Voice!

Memorable screen actors such as Sir John Gieguld, Patrick Stewart, Oliver Reed, Morgan Freeman (there are many more) have well developed, distinctive voices.

It's not just how they sound but years of training the voice. Learning how to develop resonace, timbre and pitch, plus depth will make you stand out on screen.

Acting Tip - Screen Kissing

There is screen kissing and then there is screen kissing.

Here Sally and her assistant Shane explore a most basic type of screen kissing where the lips of folded in and the people press their heads together. Shot from certain angles it does make the kiss appear real.

Watch and see how simple it is.

Acting Tip - Lead vs Character

Character actors (ie method actors) get more parts than lead characters who often run the risk of being type-cast (ie stuck acting one type of role over and over).

Being a character actor can be more fun and interesting as you get to explore and variety of roles and can stretch your acting muscle further.


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