Acting is more than just Acting

Yes, there is getting into character and learning your lines but there is a lot more which the actor needs to learn before going on set and delivering the performance of  a lifetime.

Acting is more than just pretending, as it requires the actor or actress to take on a new identity or persona. 

The actor must put themselves in the shoes of the character they are portraying, and use their skills to bring the character to life. 

Acting requires the use of imagination, creativity, and emotion to authentically depict the character and their story.

From researching the script to memorizing lines and blocking, there are many steps involved in the acting process. Acting can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but it's not all about the performance. 

It's about the journey.

 It's about the process of getting to know the character, understanding their motivations and connecting with them on a deeper level.

 It's about creating a believable and compelling story.

Acting is also about collaboration. 

A successful actor must be able to work as part of a team and be open to taking direction. They must also be able to take constructive criticism in stride, and be able to adjust their performance to meet the needs of the project. 

Acting is not just about being on stage or in front of a camera. It's about connecting with characters, telling stories and creating something memorable. 

It's about working hard and learning from the experience. It's about understanding the art of acting and embracing it.


Takapuna, Auckland.


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