What is Method Acting?
(And why you should care)

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Method acting is a type of acting technique developed by legendary actor and director, Lee Strasberg, which encourages actors to explore their characters through an intense physical and emotional connection to their roles.

Method acting is based on the idea that an actor should not just "act" the role, but instead become the character. The goal is to create a more believable and authentic performance by having the actor truly become the character they portray.

This technique is especially important to understand and use because it allows actors to develop a deep understanding of their characters, which leads to a more powerful and immersive performance. 

Method acting also encourages actors to explore their own emotions and experiences as a means of connecting to the character, which can lead to a more personal and meaningful performance.

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Why you should care?

Using method acting takes your performance from "pretending" to "real." which makes the audience believe in the story more and draws them in.

As an actor, one of your goals is to help the audience suspend disbelief - make them feel what they are watching actually happened.

Method acting can also help remove barriers in your life by helping identify areas of your character and personality which need work on.

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