Things to Learn before Beauty Salon Fit Out

Hairdressing and beauty servicing is a lucrative business. But regardless of the profit, it can be a hectic one especially if you have not invested in a shopfitter. A well-designed fit-out will help you to be able to attend to your customers with ease and offer great services. Whether you are thinking of opening a new salon or refurbish an old one, the following are things you need to be aware of to help you in building a successful business.

How much space do you have?

Generally, people hate overcrowded places. But the more styling stations you have, the more revenue you earn. You should find a way to balance the space with the stations and allow enough workspace for you to move around. The space you have determines the fittings and the equipment. The first styling unit can be placed 1m from a window or a wall and place the subsequent units 1.2m away from the first unit. If you are struggling to maximize the space in your salon you can always hire a professional in shopfitting.

Which colors to use?

Colors are attractive to the eyes when combined well. Ensure that you use colors that blend with the interior design of the salon. Most salons prefer to use softer pastels shade as they create a relaxing atmosphere. But you can also play around with colors and determine which one works for you. Also when it comes to the mirror, people are preferring the grey one because it gives a more commercial look than the silver mirror.

Is there enough Lighting?

Without proper lighting, you, as well as your customers, will be struggling to see. Where possible, use natural lighting but if you must add artificial lighting, then we suggest that you go for the LED lights. Because they offer a natural look. But you should consult with your shopfitter to know the right lighting for your salon.

Consider clients relaxation

Customers love comfort when their hair is being treated. You should design your salon in a way that the client would be comfortable. For example, you can design a specific place for coffee cups and magazines. You can design a shelving space for clients to place their handbags. Also, you should design a wash basin for a client’s psychological as well as physical comfort.

With this knowledge, you are more than ready to design a beautiful and a functional salon. Remember that your customers come first and therefore you should consider them when designing your salon. If you are stuck you can always hire a shopfitting company to assist you.


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