The Importance Of Education In Development

A new school year began the same challenges as always have the education sector of the nation; the improvement of the quality of the learning, as well as the accomplishment of a national census of the educational personnel with scope to the public, semi-official and private centers.

Knowing the main problems of our educational system that the population knows and says by heart like most of the students receive public education, which is characterized by a low level of instruction, meager useful hours of teaching, low level of training of teachers, and inadequate facilities for teaching.

It should be noted that education not only in our country culture is the best tool for the overall development of our children and youth that over the years, has meant a source of knowledge for millions of young people around the world. Most countries understand their benefit but do not apply it in the right way. Finding a way to develop a state is severe, and mistakes are made, but education is the primary tool that should not be forgotten to get ahead.

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