Learn about 5 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes


One of the most common mistakes made in bathroom renovation is not taking measurements when deciding on an appliance. Once an appliance is purchased, it can be very difficult to return it to some department stores due to sanitation concerns and even some laws prevent the return. visit www.topbathroomrenovationsmelbourne.com.au for more info.


  No Ventilation

Not providing ventilation in a bathroom is a big mistake considering how much heat and moisture are present in the bathroom at any time. Many older bathrooms don’t have an air vent introducing new air into the bathroom so having an exhaust fan or even a small ceiling fan is very important.

Cheap Labor

Whether you hire contract labor or do it yourself, in this case cheaper is not better. If you are going to do it yourself to save money but you don’t have experience in plumbing, painting, building or flooring then this is not the time to try your hand at it. It can end up costing $1000’s in the long run to fix a mistake.

Mismatched Materials

Once again, cheaper is not better. Just because you find a good deal on faucets, valves, paint, flooring, etc. does not mean you should buy it. Once you get home and the parts don’t fit your appliance model or the paint and flooring look terrible after the bathroom is finished, you will have to spend more money to repeat the process.


Another one of the most common mistakes made in bathroom renovation is having an irrational budget, or not sticking to the budget you started with. The goal is to stick to a reasonable, affordable price range and price everything ahead of time to know what that budget will need to be to accomplish what you want.

If you can avoid these 5 mistakes then you should be able to move forward with your renovation without error.

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